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Taiko Performance

Kristy Aki Oshiro

Welcome & Land Acknowledgement

Jana Katsuyama

Why We’re Here Tonight, Honoring the Coram Nobis Team Members

Dr. Karen Korematsu

The Coram Nobis Cases Historical Overview

Video produced by Eric Paul Fournier

In Memoriam Tributes to Bob Rusky & Holly Yasui

Dale Minami & Peggy Nagae

Fireside Chat

Hon. Marilyn Hall Patel & Hon. Mary M. Schroeder

Hon. Edward M. Chen (interviewer)

“What Would You Do?” Fred Korematsu Day PSA

Video produced by Eric Paul Fournier

Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law & Equality

Prof. Bob Chang

NAPABA and Korematsu Institute Affiliation

Peggy Saika & Priya Purandare

The Fred T. Korematsu Institute & Our Collective Call to Action

Dr. Karen Korematsu

48-Star Flag Signing Project

Judge Johnny Gogo

The Fred Korematsu Social Justice Award Presentation

Dr. Karen Korematsu & Neal Katyal

Keynote Address

Neal Katyal

Closing Remarks

Jana Katsuyama

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